Contactless Delivery now available

Pizza Pizza is now offering safe Contactless Delivery.  Select ‘Contactless Delivery’ at checkout, Pay Online and our driver will place your food near your entrance, step back a safe distance and wait for you to collect your items. Thank you for choosing Pizza Pizza.

To choose Contactless Delivery, select Pay in App as your payment method. In the Special Instructions field, let us know where you’d prefer our driver to leave your pizza by entering “Contactless delivery. Leave on doorstep.” If you live in a condo, you can enter “Leave at lobby” in this field.

Our driver will notify you when they arrive by knocking on your door, ringing the doorbell/buzzer, or simply with a friendly phone call.

Our driver will leave your pizza on a safe surface and step back a comfortable distance.

We’ll wait for you to pick up your food before leaving.


Why are you offering Contactless Delivery?

We’ve been delivering hot & fresh pizzas for over 50 years, and have always been committed to providing the best delivery experience for our customers. We wanted to offer a trustworthy and safe option for customers who may prefer this delivery method.

Is there an extra charge for Contactless Delivery?

No. Contactless Delivery will not be charged extra.

Why do I have to pay in app for Contactless Delivery?

In order to keep our delivery completely contactless, we require that you pre-pay on our app to avoid handling cash and debit/credit terminals.

Do you cook the pizza with no contact as well?

After our pizzas are baked at 260˚C (500˚F), they’re transferred directly to pizza boxes by a pizza paddle and delivered straight to your location by our delivery professionals.