At Pizza Pizza, we have over 50 years experience safely delivering food to Canadians – it’s what we’ve always done, and now we’re doing more.

CLEANING AND SANITATION  All high touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitized frequently, both inside our restaurants and in our delivery vehicles.

COOKED HOT AND HANDS FREE  Our pizzas are baked HOT at 260˚C (500˚F) and then transferred by a long pizza paddle directly to your pizza box.

LOCKING TAMPER PROOF BOXES  Pizza Pizza has introduced our exclusive Tamper Proof Pizza Boxes.  After the box is closed and locked, your box cannot be opened until you break the seal and pull down the tab.

SAFELY SEALED  Our boxes are sealed with a label in the restaurant that only you can break.

CONTACTLESS DELIVERY  When you choose Contactless Delivery and pre-pay online, our driver will contact you upon arrival and leave your pizza on a safe surface (or wherever you’ve specified in the special instructions). We’ll wait from a comfortable distance for you to pick up your pizza.



The health and safety of our employees, restaurant operators, customers and communities remains our top priority with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to implementing the highest standard of food safety and sanitization procedures, we have made the following updates this week:

  • Our restaurant dining areas are now closed for sit-down eating. We will continue to serve you safely with our pick up and delivery offerings. As always, you can order online, on one of our many apps (iPhone, Android, iPad, or Apple Watch) or by calling your local 11-11 number for pick up or delivery.
  • Starting Wednesday, March 18, you can also choose to receive Contactless Delivery at your home. Details will be provided on our website, apps and through your local 11-11 number.

We will continue to work closely with Public Health officials to make decisions that keep the health and safety of our employees and customers central and will continue to keep you informed of any updates.

Thank you

Paul Goddard
Chief Executive Officer


At Pizza Pizza, the health and safety of our staff, customers and communities is always our top priority, and with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 health crisis our focus on this remains fixed.  For over 50 years Pizza Pizza has been reliably delivering hot and fresh food to Canadians.  Our stringent food safety policy is a key part of what Pizza Pizza stands for.

During this time, we have increased these commitments and incorporated additional precautions to support the hard work from Public Health officials and health care workers to minimize the risk of transmission. These updates include:

  • Reinforcing employee hygiene, particularly proper hand hygiene procedures in our restaurants

  • Working closely with our drivers and delivery partners to ensure frequent hand washing, and regularly cleaning our vehicles and delivery bags

  • Temporarily removing shared items in our restaurants, such as topping shakers and condiments

  • Intensifying all of our cleaning and sanitizing procedures

I want to assure you that we are maintaining close contact with various Public Health Agencies across Canada and other experts to understand updates and how they may impact Pizza Pizza, our employees and our valued customers.

We will continue to make decisions that keep the health and safety of our employees and customers central and will keep you apprised of any updates to our approach as more information is available.

Thank you

Paul Goddard
Chief Executive Officer